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NetClient description

NetClient is an integrated PC management solution.
It is a proven solution that has gained many customers through 20 years of continuous technology development.

Product Module

DMS module (Asset management, 2000)

For a 1:1 match of real assets,
Asset Management using Unique Key System(S,KEY).

Illegal software management / Software installation pre-blocking /
PC equipment and hardware management /
Helpdesk and remote control /
Software and Internet usage status

PMS module (Asset management, 2004)

Accurate patch management with efficient distribute algorithms.

Forced install of Security patch / PC security check /
Network blocking / Anti-virus management / PC firewall

HSM module (Asset management, 2005)

Security management through centralized control for PC assets,
which are repositories of important files

Media control such as USB Specific USB access and block (*Buy separately)

Real asset management module (2012)

Assign and return process based on lifecycle created by enterprise.

Asset registration (Purchase orders) / Actual inspection management /
History management / unregistered equipment control (include retired employee)


Development company stability

After product launch in 2000, We developed by focusing on asset management solution for 20 years. (100% self-development)

  • Self-developed manpower (Corporate attached research center)
  • Product quality certification and possession of patent technology (In the field of remote control of asset management)
  • Diverse establishment experiences (Completed major company and financial sector projects over the last 3 years)
  • For 100% self-development, procession of customization and problem resolution
PC Integrated management resources

We developed a Unique key management technology that manages one equipment as an asset This minimizes asset duplication to ensure data reliability

  • Minimize unique-key changing issue caused by reinstalling OS, ghost program, or hardware duplication.
  • The foundation of an invisible platform is the key to solution success.
  • Validated agent reliability at financial companies and integrated PC management with a single agent
Product operability

We support integrated management for affiliates/large-scale nodes and redundant system.

  • Stability: Support for forced installation, Prevent agent incapacitation, Support for safe mode, Support for 64Bit, Support for Windows 7/8 servers, Support for VMware
  • Server scale: Support per server (Up to 20,000 PC), Maximum number of PCs that can be viewed on the admin screen (Unlimited), and Ability to search by screen.
  • Reliability: Provide unique key management technology in case of asset duplication to minimize and manager methodology
  • Support for all networks: Both-way support for VPN, Private net, Router, and NAT IP, providing load balancing technology.