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Main function

NetClient is an integrated PC management solution.
It is a proven solution that has gained many customers through 20 years of continuous technology development.

DMS Asset management

Illegal software management
  • Alert if illegal software is installed.
  • Warning and removal inducing when using illegal software by equipment.
  • Block network after removal induction pops up more than certain number of times.
  • Force removal of illegal software by centralization
  • Block illegal SW execution
Software license management
  • Register purchase certificates(images) and manage software purchases
  • license managing (Site / Free / Illegal / Equipment etc.)
  • Assign permanent or temporary license by duration
Software operation management
  • Approve or reject the software use request process
  • Monitoring the usage of software (Check the using frequency and duration)
  • Manage groups by software type
  • Reclaim licenses by equipment (Retired employee / long-term unused / disuse etc.)
Software history management
  • Managing the history of installing and uninstalling software
  • Logging on installing and blocking software
  • Inquiring the history of software license assignments
  • Providing a variety of software-related reports

Real asset management

Verification through actual inspection
  • Mobile app (PDA compliant): Mobile / Barcode Camera (Buy separately)
  • Bar cord: (Buy separately)
Asset Usage Control
  • Control unregistered equipment (including retired employees)
  • PC compulsory exit and lock the screen
Registering and managing agent-based PCs and real asset(printers, monitors etc.)
  • Managing the history of the actual possessor, purpose of use, location, and status
  • Purchase planning such as relocate assets and minimize loss

PMS patch management

  • Optional composition of patch download method (internal or internet)
  • Provide security patch file for MS commercial software such as OS, Office
  • Automatic and scheduled patches by operating system
  • Automatic patch with automatic approve based on security, importance, severity, product-based
  • Check patch installation rate and patch progress by equipment
  • Roll-Back feature for installed patches
  • Optional patch installation and service pack patch individualization
  • Provide patch details and download manually
  • Providing a variety of statistics (Installation status by patch, patch status by group, patch status by daily, etc.)

HSM Security management

  • Hardware-level blocking of communication media
  • Management through media security and manual registration of device drivers
  • Track logs in case of problems
  • Strengthen security management of important documents
  • Prevent leakage of document by internal users
  • Raising awareness about leakage of internal users
  • Provides statistical function for unauthenticated Hard / Drive