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Composite map

NetClient is an integrated PC management solution.
It is a proven solution that has gained many customers through 20 years of continuous technology development.

System composite map

System requirement

Composite Specification OS and DBMS
Operate server CPU : Xeon Quad Core 2.4GHz x 2
Memory : 6GB over
HDD : 256GB x 4EA over (Raid Composite)
MS Windows 2003/2008 Std over
MS-SQL Server 2005/2008 Stdover
Client CPU : Pentium III over
Memory : 256MB over
HDD : 100MB over
MS Windows 2000 over
  (XP, Vista, Windows8 64Bit support)
Manager console CPU : Pentium IV over
Memory : 1GB over
HDD : 300MB over
MS Windows XP over
  (XP, Vista, Windows8 64Bit support)

Agent install method

Method contents limitation
Manual download Manual download installation support by user notice
Groupware interlock When accessing groupware, automatic installation supports such as distribution ActiveX, etc. Advantage : short-time installation
Weakness: groupware connection such as off-site equipment, outsourcing install agent
Installation induction Using the installation inducement function, automatically determine whether the agent is installed or not installed, then force installation Advantage: High installation rate, agent management
Weakness: Internet mirror required
AD, Using other solution Using AD script or other solutions, background agent installation support Advantage: Fast establishment when using existing infrastructure
Weakness: Expected peak of establishment time zone